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Suspended ceiling systems are constructed from a lightweight metal grid (exposed or concealed), which are clad with plasterboard. They are suspended from the soffit above at the desired height where different shapes can be created with a variety of features incorporated e.g. electrical wiring, air-conditioning pipework, ductwork, fire-sprinkler systems, water & gas pipes and data carriers etc.

The suspended ceiling will offer opportunities to be creative with the lighting layout & can accommodate concealed or flushed fittings giving a visually asthetic appeal. Gypsum plasterboard are available from a smooth , plain finished to those of complex & intricate patterns in a variety of designs & materials. This results in a wide range of surface textures, finishes in both standard & high performance plasterboards to meet individuals needs & requirements.

The plasterboards can be choosen to achieve the required level of sound absorption & reduction, fire-resistant, moistance-resistant & stability in all broad spectrum of building equipment.