Specializes in interior finishes for commercial, industrial, retail and residential industries
About Us  
Here at Adecco Corporation Pte Ltd, you can be assured of a friendly professional service that provides the highest quality and reliability. We specialise in taking the design and installation from conception to completion, providing complete solutions at competitive rates.
In Year 2005, Adecco Corporation Pte Ltd was founded to provide service to an expanding construction market in Singapore. Our ongoing purpose is to provide exceptional service to existing clientele and develop new and long lasting relationship for the future.

Relationship building is one of our major keys to success. We strived to learn about our clients both professionally and personally. We take the extra step of creating a common bond with our client. We believed through relationship building we can then provide the extra attention required to deliver a superior, well-crafted finished project.

Our highest priority is Client Satisfaction and we are eager to help with any queries you may have, commencing with providing detailed estimates and design information pre-contract, monitoring the work throughout the installation project.
Our Philosophy

To provide the highest level of service and quality found within the construction industry to all our existing and potential clients, while maintaining our Company's core value of "professional, inventive, involved" in a manner that will benefit the overall profitability and image of Adecco Corporation Pte Ltd. Our goal is to satisfy each client and develop lasting relationship to ensure the possibility of repeat business and future development.